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You have heard that a large number of our nation's Healthcare professional and first responders are working daily saving lives while putting their own lives on the line because there is  a serious shortage of PPE supplies because of the COVID-19 pandemic.   COVID-19 is very serious and these healthcare heroes NEED TO BE PROTECTED. We all should rally and help. There is seriously a severe shortage of face mask ( PROTECTION ) for hospitals throughout the nation. The increasing global demand for mask has over 42 hospitals and many more non-hospital facilities throughout California alone  without enough protective masks daily. We at UniformKits.com have made it our MISSION to sew as many mask necessary for the amazing medical personnel fighting this pandemic from the front lines saving the lives of our loved ones.  UNIFORMKITS is a custom tailored apparel company, we provide work or sports apparel for hospitals, non-hospital facilities and sporting leagues.  We already started sewing masks which are being used by medical staff who are using them over recycled surgical mask or as a replacement when PPE supplies are gone.  We must continue to sew and make mask, because the need is growing daily. The Government has received 540+ medical supply requests from hospitals across the country, only 54 have been filled.  #GetMePPE can show you we need to support the brave men and women caring for our loved ones. During this very important time in our world, we have been donating everything we have to make these masks.  All of our materials, machinery, skills, passion, drive, and muscle, however, we still need your help. We are working with medical professionals and volunteers to distribute as many masks necessary to medical staff fighting this pandemic on the front lines.  We are also giving away masks to the elderly, community citizens, women and children shelter, youth organizations and everyone else who are also at risk. We are sewing masks and giving them away  because there is a worldwide shortage of face masks for Medical staff/first responders due to increasing COVID-19 pandemic.

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